Stopping Colleges’ Land Grabs: Farmers and Faculties Unite

Grassroots International is supporting our partner The Social Network for Justice and Human Rights (Rede Social) and our allies like GRAIN in a global campaign to stop violent and illegal land grabs at their source: the massive financial investments of pension funds and college endowments.


The Cerrado of Brazil is the most biodiverse savannah on Earth; its mosaic of high plateaus and lowlands hold 5% of the planet’s species. Over 10,000


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Momentum continues to build in our work to demand that TIAA, the world’s largest private retirement system, implement an investment policy free of deforestation and land grabs! Over 100,000 people, including thousands of TIAA holders, have taken action demanding that TIAA respect small farmers as part of our Campaign to Get TIAA Out of Forests and Farmland.

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U.S. Pension Fund TIAA Implicated in Brazilian Land Grabs

In September 2017 a delegation of 30 human rights, land, and food experts traveled around the Matopiba region of Brazil on a fact-finding mission supported by Grassroots International and ally organizations. The delegation found “high levels of agrochemical pollution, diminishing natural resources, land grabbing, as well as significant impact on the health of traditional communities, resulting from increasing soy plantations.”