My family has raised dairy cows on our farm in Monroe County near Kendall, Wisconsin, for almost 150 years. We've weathered the Great Depression, low milk prices, droughts, floods, and snowstorms. Despite difficulties, the dairy and related industries generate $26.5 billion in revenue, 174,000 jobs, and fresh, healthy milk, cheese and butter to the state each year. Other local families have harvested cranberries for generations. Wild berries are native to our marshlands, and cranberries are the state's largest fruit crop. They supply $350 million and 7,200 jobs to our state's economy, and almost 60 percent of the US total harvest. My farm is just a few miles from the town of Warrens, the center of Wisconsin’s cranberry country and home of the world's largest cranberry festival, with over 140,000 visitors this year. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same here or anywhere else if our cranberry crop vanished.

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