Wall Street is grabbing farmland in the U.S., Brazil, and around the world.

Financial companies are displacing communities and polluting their water.

They are driving the climate crisis through deforestation and expanding chemical agribusiness.

It is time to demand that financial corporations get out of forest and farmland!

Our Campaigns

TIAA out of Farmland

TIAA is a retirement fund that manages $1.3 trillion for 5 million college and university faculty and staff, as well as non-profit workers and teachers. TIAA is also the largest institutional owner of industrial farmland and timberland, with millions of acres for extractive agribusiness on four continents. 


TIAA’s land deals have been connected to land grabbing, displacement, and deforestation, and we are pushing them to get out of the land business.

Stop Harvard Land Grabs

Harvard is the most well-known university in the world, and its massive $50 billion endowment is one of the largest holders of farmland and timberland.


Harvard’s $1 billion land investments are displacing communities and destroying the environment. We demand that Harvard end their land grabs and pay reparations.


Our retirement savings are being exposed to risky, speculative, and destructive investments that violate people's human rights and jeopardize the future of the planet.