Stop Land Grabs

Fracking Our Thanksgiving Feast by Joel Greeno.

Cow farm

My family has raised dairy cows on our farm in Monroe County near Kendall, Wisconsin, for almost 150 years. We’ve weathered the Great Depression, low milk prices, droughts, floods, and snowstorms. Despite difficulties, the dairy and related industries generate $26.5 billion in revenue, 174,000 jobs, and fresh, healthy milk, cheese and butter to the state each year.

Because human rights go beyond borders.

The handbook and toolkit “Human Rights Beyond Borders: How to Hold States Accountable for Extraterritorial Violations” aims to serve as a practical guide for human rights advocates and social movements in monitoring and holding States accountable on their compliance with extraterritorial obligations (ETOs).

The global farmland grab by pension funds needs to stop.

Money from pension funds has fuelled the financial sector’s massive move into farmland investing over the past decade. The number of pension funds involved in farmland investment and the amount of money they are deploying into it is increasing, under the radar.

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